Act together

Together, we will be useful actors in meeting today's challenges for future generations

Our commitment

Being an actor in the transformations of the world
"At Ponticelli, we have set ourselves a mission: to improve the quality of life of women and men by providing energy, medicine, water, healthy food, contributing to the safety of France; while supporting responsible economic development. Together, let's build a sustainable environment now."
Thierry Le Gangneux
President - Ponticelli Frères Group


All concerned, All committed

Acting for the better with and for our employees, our partners, our customers and our planet: this is our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

4 major pillars to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals:

– Quality of life at work and safety are omnipresent
– Intensified professional equality
– A responsible industry of the future
– A strong corporate culture

Acting in an exemplary, transparent and innovative manner to be useful and have a positive impact.
In 2022, the Ponticelli Frères Group obtained the EcoVadis Gold label.

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Our history

Céleste, Bonfils and Lazare Ponticelli flee with their mother the poverty of Northern Italy at the beginning of the last century
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Entrepreneurs at heart, the siblings created a tarring and chimney assembly company in 1921, and a first recognized know-how, that of assembly-lifting.

After a sharp slowdown in business during the Second World War, a strong recovery occurred with the reconstruction of Europe and the development of a second area of expertise, industrial piping.

The company spread throughout the country around the major industrial basins (mainly refining sites), with a third area of expertise to remain present with customers after the construction phase: industrial maintenance.

The company will develop around three areas of expertise: assembly and lifting, industrial piping and maintenance

For nearly 30 years the company developed, until the mid-1970s, marked by 3 significant events for Ponticelli and more globally for the Company:

1973, the first oil crisis: no more new refineries were built, existing ones were modified.

France, out of concern for energy independence, decided to increase its nuclear power development.
Development of offshore oil production in the North Sea and in West Africa.

The company expands internationally

On the basis of its historical know-how, the company actively participated in the modification of refineries, took part in the French nuclear power program and opened an offshore oil platform manufacturing yard in Bordeaux, along the Garonne River.

In 1990, the company expanded internationally… to carry out, in particular, very large-scale modification work on offshore oil and gas production facilities.

And today, a Group of 5000 employees present in 20 countries

The company, still family-owned, still French and still independent, is today a Group of 5,000 employees present in 20 countries.

The Group is still mainly involved in the energy sector, an increasingly decarbonized and renewable energy. This commitment is demonstrated in particular by its strong presence in France and abroad in photovoltaic and wind energy.