"I am a welder at Ponticelli, I work in fields as varied as pharmaceuticals, the gas industry and nuclear power. Every day, the object to be built is different, zero routine!"


Live a personalized professional experience within an independent and international family group

Sectors of activity

Discover what the group does in its different sectors of intervention


Hydroelectricity: maintenance, upgrading and power increase

Solar: construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks

Wind: feasibility studies, maintenance of wind turbines, performance upgrades

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Construction of new power plants and new nuclear facilities

Maintenance and safety improvement work during scheduled outages and operating units


Construction of the cooling circuits of the future hydrogen fusion reactor of the ITER project

Intervention on the various manufacturing processes

Participation in the development of the sector: blue hydrogen, green hydrogen

Oil & Gas

Design, construction, maintenance, all our expertise is present from production to refining

Intervention in new or existing units to improve performance and decarbonize production

Life sciences

Design and construction of new pharmaceutical units

Maintenance and improvement of the performance and reliability of existing units

Work in clean rooms or on utilities


Assembly and boiler works on submarines and surface ships

Maintenance works

Supply of specific hydraulic and mechanical equipment


Connection of production equipment

Installation of utilities distribution networks

Installation of clean room extraction systems